Tero who to city council? Themes and stuff briefly in English.

I was spamming my flyers today and yesterday in buildings occupied by students. I couldn’t help noticing that quite many door had a foreign name on it. So figured that maybe someone of those people who got my flyer will accidentally end up in here so why not make a brief text also in English.

I think Jyväskylä Greens’ official election themes are quite good. So maybe I just add here some points in addition to those or to highlight something.

  • More parking space for bicycles to city center. Bicycle lanes too.
  • City should be designed in the way that you don’t NEED a car. This is important for specially the parts of the city that is yet to be build.
  • Public transport should be used more. More departures –> better service –> more departures etc. This means that ticket prices for should be subvented for people with low income (for example students) to achieve that goal.
  • City council meetings should be aired live through Jyväskylä’s own website.
  • More bulletin boards to the city! Independent culture organizers make lots of effort for the livelihood of this city and it should be supported at least with some bulletin boards.
  • Open source programs should be priority in city’s IT purchases.
  • City should add more money to prevention of social and health problems, not cut money from it. Prevention saves money and is more humane.
  • Cutting from basic services hurts mostly the people with low income and IS NOT COOL.
  • Jyväskylä should use more biogas in energy production, public transportation system etc. This can be accomplished by building more gas production capacity that can transform bio-gradable wastes to bio-gas and fertilizer. More jobs, more clean energy. Why not?

Something like that in a nutshell. What else? I am 28 years old and I my major is social and public policy but I do my thesis to cultural policy masters program. I am also a DJ, event organizer and actively doing all kinds of stuff in field of culture.

My other texts about municipal elections (in Finnish, sorry)

My page about the elections (in Finnish).

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